6 Reasons Why He Isn’t Romantic Anymore

6 Reasons Why He Isn't Romantic Anymore

Wondering what happened that he stopped being all puppy eyed romantic that he used to be? Where did the two of you, as they say, lose the flame? Here are six reasons why he isn’t romantic anymore.

1. You guys are stuck in a routine

When there is nothing new, and life becomes mundane, all creativity, all spark vanishes. Chances are if your lives follow a routine, you guys are in a rut. By its very nature, routine drills the passion out of people. This is what makes a lot of men stop being romantic, for they are not able to escape the monotony.

2. He has started taking you for granted

When you have been together a long time, when you are finally his, and when the new relationship period is over, he might start taking you for granted. As a result, he might stop going out of the way to be romantic.

3. He has increased responsibilities

This one is a sad reality. As we grow up, responsibilities just never leave us. With having to pay for everything, to taking care of people, to striving hard at the workplace, to working out, the increased responsibilities takes a toll on the guy’s romantic side.

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