4 Reasons Why How I Met Your Mother had the Worst Ending Ever

Reasons Why How I Met Your Mother had the Worst Ending Ever

‘How I Met Your Mother’ has been one of the most popular sitcoms that got appreciation from all age groups. After a successful run of nine years and seasons, the show finally ended on March 31. But, many believe that the ending of the show was not up to the mark. And, there are some reasons which justify this viewpoint. Read on to know more.

1. The end lacked proper story telling

After nine wonderful years of storytelling, the last sixty minutes were plain torture. Yes, that is true. The story telling lacked proper precision. The screen time of the characters was also not apt. The scene when Robin was looking out of her apartment window to see Ted also lacked the charm. The dream scenario sequence when it was told that “Your mom died and Robin settled for me” lacked that feel and punch. Overall, the sixty minutes of finale was everything but a bore.

2. Barney’s change in character was hard to digest

Barney’s change in character was too sudden for the eyes. In the finale, it was shown that Barney has a baby daughter, and this very thought makes him respect women. The sudden change in character was too hard to digest. The transformation of a man who suddenly respects women and is kind hearted is also something that was unexpected in the season finale. Many people would have loved to see the process of transformation though.

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