15 Reasons You must Meet More Rather than Call and Text in the Early Phase of a Relationship

Reasons You must Meet More Rather than Call and Text in the Early Phase of a Relationship

“I’m really busy now. I’ll catch up in the evening” can sound undesirable to the reader even if it was meant in the most genuine of ways. This is the curse of a text. However, when you meet the person, it will be received better. Here are distinct reasons you must meet more rather than call and text especially when a relationship is in its initial stages.

1. You are new to each other

Both of you are new to each other. It is not the time when you can understand how genuine or fake the other person is. Meeting gives character to words and hence understanding each other can be better here.

2. It leaves no space for faking

It is easy to fake interest in a call or text. Body language plays a major role in determining interest or actual need. Hence meeting takes priority over calling or texting.

3. It leaves no space for misinterpretation

It is tough to determine the tone of the person over a text message. Words can be easily misunderstood and more so in the initial stages when you do not know each other that well. A good relationship can be ruined or a wrong intention may be misinterpreted for good.

4. It makes sure every word is genuine

Every relationship deserves honest words. And it is possible to understand the full meaning of every expression or statement only when you meet.

5. It helps in nurturing the relationship

The beginning of a relationship is one that lays the foundation to a strong future. So, the more you meet and get to know each other well, the better you can nurture a relationship.

6. It helps to maintain the human touch

There will be no human touch when you resort to electronic media since tone, warmth and character essential to an individual is absent via electronic gadgets.

7. It reveals your priority

You are showing yourself and the other person that spending time with and for them is a priority for you. You are also letting them know you value their time.

8. It helps to enhance the bond

Looking at someone you think you have a future with is important to reiterate the bond of love and care.

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