5 Reasons Why Godfather is the Greatest Film Ever

Reasons Why Godfather is the Greatest Film Ever

Some movies are timeless and can be delightfully watched at any point in time. These are films that can be enjoyed by generations together and can be watched repeatedly without getting bored. ‘The Godfather’ is truly one such film. It has set a benchmark for many films that were made after that, and many filmmakers across the world still get inspired from this trilogy. Here are some of the reasons why ‘The Godfather’ manages to be the greatest film even till date.

1. It had amazing actors

For those who were in love with him already, they probably went head over heels all over again for him. And for those who didn’t know about him before ‘The Godfather’, they became fans of him after they saw the film. We are talking of Al Pacino. He has truly owned his character in the film and taken it to another level altogether. One can also not forget other actors like James Caan and Marlon Brando, among many other actors, who have done phenomenal work in this series.

2. It had an awesome plot

The original plot, of course, comes from the book itself. However, one can easily say that when the adaptations happened, the plot was livened up and taken to new heights. Even though sequels are often considered to be bad in the eyes of the audiences (as a majority of them fail in impressing people and are only money-making ventures), ‘The Godfather’ managed to be impressive and edgy in all its parts. It didn’t feel stretched unnecessarily and remained crisp till the end, doing full justice to the storyline that couldn’t have fit in any less or more than three parts.

3. It had a brilliant soundtrack

Nino Rota’s work in this film is something that almost everyone is aware of. The theme music and the soundtrack are easily identifiable by people all over the world, thanks to their impact. It’s no surprise that the soundtrack of the film received several awards for complementing the visuals of the film, beautifully and seamlessly. Till date, many people use parts of this soundtrack in various assignments, and musicians and others in the industry draw inspiration from it.

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