6 Sweet Things to Do to Brighten Your Boyfriend’s Mood

6 Sweet Things to Do to Brighten Your Boyfriend's Mood

The basic things you ought to do as a dutiful girlfriend when your boyfriend is upset is to give him a shoulder to cry on, listen and be there for him as much as you can. Besides this, there are some special efforts you should take that will ensure that he gets out of feeling blue. We illustrate some of them here for you.

1. Edit pictures of you and him

A sweet gesture that you can do is to download any of the million photo apps available today and artfully edit loving pictures that you both have. You can then frame the best and gift them or make a slideshow and show it to him. Put in loving poems and texts describing how nice and important he is to you and to everyone else. He will be touched, feel loved and cared for and his mood will immediately get uplifted.

2. Cook his favorite dish

Cooking a good dinner or even his favorite dish will up his mood tremendously for as they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Look up the recipe of his favorite meal on the internet or better still, ask his mom for the recipe, after all mothers know their sons best.

3. Take him shopping

Retail therapy is not only for women, it also helps in boosting men’s moods. Remember how good you felt all those times he took you shopping? It’s time to make him feel good about being a good boyfriend, take him to his favorite shop and get him to buy something for himself. Of course, this time the tab would be on you.

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