6 Reasons Teenagers Love Twilight

6 Reasons Teenagers Love Twilight

Teenagers are an eternal mystery. There is no logical reasoning to why they like or dislike something. Mostly ruled by their hormones, there is no saying what moves them and what doesn’t. Twilight, both the books and the movie series are an example of such behavior. The books sold over 30 million copies and the movie made millions on top of having a huge cult following among teenagers. So what is it about twilight that makes millions of teenagers obsessed, follow the lives of it leads like pathetic stalkers, buy books and copies of the movies and flock the theaters? Maybe because …

1. It is a love story

As much as teenagers hate to admit that they are in love, they are suckers for love stories, especially if the movie is about true love and how it prevails in spite of many obstacles. Make a soppy love story and you will have at least thousands of fans. The books create the anticipation first and then comes the movie to make them mad with delirium.

2. The main characters are teenagers

Which makes it easily relatable for those who are still in their teens and even people who are past their teens and trying to relive their teen years.

3. Two young hot looking actors

Pattinson and Stewart are young and terribly hot looking and have teenagers swooning over them every time they appear on screen or make appearances elsewhere.

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