What to Text a Guy You Like?

What to Text a Guy You Like?

Texting and emailing are two wonderful inventions of technology that have come to help you in your daily endeavors. This includes texting someone you like. But texting a guy you like is not that easy. You should really know the tricks of the trade. Have you been toying with the idea of messaging a guy you really like? Well then, it’s good you stopped by for we’ll share with you some tips on whatto text a guy you like.

1. Focus on him, not you

You like him and not the other way round; at least not yet. So all your focus, all your attention should really be focused on him. Ask him about his daily activities, what he did at school and such things.

2. Be humorous and cute

No guy wants to talk to a girl who comes across as boring and dull. Try typing in a few humorous messages in your conversation itself. He will surely acknowledge them and even have a good laugh.

3. Don’t use too much slang

Sure, other girls around you might be into the slang language thing, but when texting a guy you like, we know better. Don’t overuse those slang words like ‘mgr8 wubu2’. Instead be clear and type normal, correctly spelled English words.

4. Don’t message too often

Messaging him too often will only send him the message that you are too desperate. Don’t do that. Wait for him to respond. Don’t flood his inbox with your messages.

5. Use punctuation

Believe it or not, apart from your English paper, punctuation is also important in texting a guy you like. Use those commas, periods, exclamation marks and question marks on your phone. After all, they are there to enunciate your statements.

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