4 Reasons to Not be Ashamed of Fantasizing

4 Reasons to Not be Ashamed of Fantasizing

To fantasize or dream about wonderful things in life is something that we all like to do. In day-to-day situations, we all hope for a better tomorrow, and have some dreams of what it will look like. In the psychological sense of it, fantasizing is good for a number of reasons.

1. It keeps you happy

If this is something that you like doing, and it gives you the much-needed daily smile, then there is no harm in it. Yes, your friends or family members may not always appreciate it or listen to your whimsical ideas. But if this keeps your mental peace and happiness intact, then go ahead and indulge in it.

2. It motivates you

One of the biggest reasons why fantasizing is good, is because whatever you hope to achieve becomes a goal in your head, and slowly and steadily, you start working towards it. In your subconscious mind your fantasies lay intact, and your conscious self works hard to fulfill them. This could include buying a nice house, a new car etc.

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