Why Thanksgiving is Celebrated

Why Thanksgiving is Celebrated

Thanksgiving is the occasion of the kind gesture and silent joy. But, do you know why it is celebrated each year? There are many reasons and different theories for celebrating Thanksgiving in different countries. Read on to know more about this.

1. Day of thanks

Thanksgiving is celebrated to thank the Lord and your loved ones for every gesture of the past year. To the lord for all the things he gave you in the past year. To all your loved ones for their unconditional support and care towards you. So, it is a way to thank everyone around you with a quiet gesture of love in an official way.

2. As a harvest feast

Thanksgiving was celebrated in the early 1621 at Plymouth as a part of harvest celebrations. It was declared as a holiday to thank the lord for the bountiful of harvest throughout the year. So, the early reference of thanksgiving was to celebrate the harvest feast for all the people who dedicated their time on harvesting.

3. The puritans and pilgrims

When it was declared as a holiday of Thanks, both puritans and pilgrims used to meet at the pilgrim hall museum for thanksgiving dinner. They ate turkey and plums as dinner. The dinner also included many fruits including pumpkins. Till date, the traditional food of thanksgiving is Pumpkin and Turkey. Most people in America do prepare this as Thanksgiving meal.

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