13 Types of Friends that Exist

13 Types of Friends that Exist

Throughout every stage of our lives, we make a lot of friends. Right from cradle to the grave, new people, who we befriend, surround us. At birth, the doctor, the nurses and the kids placed around us become our first friends. On the deathbed, the ones who are our neighbors in the hospital become our friends. Stories of turmoil, joy, sorrow and victories is what we share with them and they listen patiently to every complain and every accomplishment.

Some say that a friend is amongst the “Few Relations In Earth Never Die” category, and rightly so, we make certain friends who stick with us forever. Like the proverb, “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed” clearly states that a friend who lends a helping hand in times of crisis is a true friend. We make several different kinds of friends right from their geographical location around us to their intentions of doing well for us. They are unique and interesting in their own ways. Mentioned here are some interesting categories of friends that exist in our lives.

1. Childhood Friends

This category of friends is one, which includes those who you encounter in your play school, your playground and within your family friends. They are around your age and will be your friends for the longest time ever. They are with you through every stage of your life – education (school and college), work life, married life and old age. They not only get along with you, but also your family. Those staying in the same apartment or locality as yours, sometimes, become your closest of friends for life.

2. Sports Buddies

These are the ones whom you start playing with. The common element that binds this set of friends is the sport they practice. It could be your gym partner, who not only does her workouts with you, but also checks out the members of the opposite sex with you! They are those, whom you giggle with even when you are in your sweats.

3. BFFs

This category was made famous by the Kardashian’s, and they stand for Best Friends For Life. This section of friends would never split away from each other. Right from coordinating clothes to choosing a stream of studying, they do everything together. Most of their bonding sessions include shopping trips, outings and gossip sessions.

4. Gossip Queens

Everyone has that one bunch of friends they go to for catching on the latest gossip in college or locality. Right from who is dating whom, to the worst fashion disasters, they are your daily or weekly dose of laughter at the cost of other’s misery! They love to discuss hookups, breakups and more.

5. Online Friends

These are the people we meet over the World Wide Web. The Internet has brought the world closer, especially social networking websites like Facebook. People randomly add each other and start talking. 2005’s used to be the time when people would randomly visit chat rooms and start talking to people located all across the globe. That was the generation of “ASL”. One may or may not meet an Internet friend in real life, but they do form strong bonds of friendship with them. Sometimes, those who lack friends in their real life, tend to find comfort with these friends in the virtual space.

6. Pushy Friends

These are people generally of the opposite sex. The most annoying category of friends, they are generally pushy about taking one out on a date, gifting on unusual occasions, etc. They may freak one out at times by overuse of terms like “please”. One continues to have these kinds of friends, as strongly detaching them would hurt them.

7. Influential Friends

Everyone craves to have a friend like this. They are the ones who get you the best deals and discounts, which can make a lot of other people jealous. They may be working in a big firm and enjoying certain privileges, and thus can be generous to friends. Who would not want a booked table in an overcrowded club or exclusive VIP seats for the biggest sporting game?

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