The Latest In Hairstyles

The Latest In Hairstyles

Life is all about having fun, looking gorgeous, experimenting, and most importantly being comfortable with your locks. The last few years have been very influential in the fact that many creative stylists and celebrities have changed the way you look at your hair! Check out some of the latest styles that are creating waves on the ramp, the red carpet and in the news.


Putting your hair up in a bun has never gone out of fashion. We have seen the pretty Keira Knightley in her fringe updo hairstyle, Hilary Duff’s suave updo style, Eva Mendes sizzling the red carpet in her updo hairstyle with a few streaks across her gorgeous hair. This style is not particularly for those who have a round face. If you have very sharp features, the updo hairstyle is the next big thing in your life! Add a little twist, open up your neck and add a few visual inches to your height with an over the top updo hairstyle this spring and summer.

Bob cut

The bob came back with a bang when Paris Hilton came out with a smart and sexy short bob hairstyle. Victoria Beckham recently added her spicy touch and went for an inverted two tone bob. Bob hair styles go a long way in enhancing your features, like a long beautiful neck, or a unique and sharp facial structure. The recent example is when Gwyneth Paltrow stepped out in her sleek and chic bob hairstyle, and on display to the world were some of the most beautiful shoulder and neck lines on the planet.

Wavy hair

The last few months have been awash with celebrities spotted with long and wavy hair. You must have seen the likes of Kim Kardashian and Gisele Bündchen sizzle the red carpets with their long locks. What you must have noticed is that they have added that extra jazz and put in those extra layers to the waves. This style was sizzling hot a few years back and it seems to have picked up the momentum again. For all of you out there, who have long hair, it’s high time you added those waves and experimented with a few layers, and add another tone if you want to go that extra mile.

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