8 Ways to Make Sure that Your Child Does Not Become Obese

8 Ways to Make Sure that Your Child Does Not Become Obese

Research has shown that several kids across America and the world are increasingly becoming victims of obesity. Since the prime responsibility of preventing obesity in kids is of parents, take a look at 8 smart ways using which you can ensure that your child remains fit and healthy.

1. Introduce your child to outdoor sports

Introduce your child to sports like tennis, football, baseball, basketball or swimming. You can also enroll your child in a sports academy so that he/she gets well rounded physical. As much as children should be allowed to play computer games, they should also be exposed to sports in which they can break a sweat and burn some calories.

2. Restrict your child’s dessert cravings

If your freezer is always stocked with goodies like ice creams, waffles, icy sticks, chocolate and cakes, it is time to you revamped it to healthier options. Avoid over stocking your fridge with desserts and limit your child’s consumption of them. Use the option of having dessert during a celebration, a night out or as a way of rewarding your child, not as a snack that your child can dig into anytime.

3. Regulate your child’s meal timings

Having untimely and irregular meals is one of the main reasons that kids start putting on weight. Ensure that your child has appropriate meal at consistent timings every day. Eating meals at regular intervals is a habit that you must teach your kids from a young age so that irregularity does not spiral out of control.

4. Get your child to love breakfast

When kids don’t have heavy breakfast they tend to feel hungry before lunch time and they start eating snacks. The journey of putting on weight could start at this juncture. If you put your child into the habit of eating a healthy breakfast daily, he/she will have a great head start to the day and will not feel the need to keep snacking. You can choose from a host of flavored cereals, pancakes, breads, yogurts and milk packs available in the market.

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