Top 7 Food Rules for Weight Loss

Top 7 Food Rules for Weight Loss

Along with exercise, your diet too plays an important part in aiding weight loss. It is important to watch what you eat when you are trying to lose weight. Also it matters when you eat too as a healthy food in the morning might not be as healthy in the night time. There are no set rules or specific structure to be followed when you are trying to lose weight. You just need to find something that works well for your body. That said, there are a few rules that are universal that could be followed by everyone who is trying to lose weight and here are some of those food rules.

1. Eat a lot of fiber

Eating fiber rich food gives you a feeling of being full and cuts down your snack cravings. Fibers also help in good digestion and normally the calories levels of fiber rich food are very low. So fill up on fibers to help you stay away from sugary and fatty snacks.

2. Stay away from sugary fatty snacks

They are tasty, but also come heavily filled with calories. They are also not good for your system irrespective of you trying to lose weight or not. They metabolize quickly making you eat more and faster than you would normally do.

3. Add foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D

Contrary to popular belief, dairy products might actually help in reducing weight. That does not mean you can gorge on butter and cheese. Research also indicates that Vitamin D helps in aiding weight loss. You can have a combination of Calcium and Vitamin D rich foods when you are on a weight loss regime to speed up the process.

4. Take Good fats

Yes. Fat can be good for you and is also a must. Mono saturated fat found in nuts, avocado and some fish are very good for your health and also help in weight loss. Do not fall for the fat free products as they only make you hungry all the time and robs your body of the essential fat it needs.

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