4 Foods You Should Eat in Your 50s

4 Foods You Should Eat in Your 50s

It is when you hit the 50 year mark when you have to really start taking good care of what you out inside your body. You will have to eat things that are agreeable to you, eat the right quantity that won’t cause you much stress and also eat foods that can help you in fighting age related diseases. It is not such a cruel age, but when you are in your 50’s your body gets more assertive and actually dictated terms to you on what would it take and what it cannot take. Your food habits slowly have to change from being ruled over by your mind to being submissive to the demands of your body. By this age, you would also have an understanding of what makes you put on more weight and what does not. You will also know what food goes with your medication and what brings on allergic reactions, so it would be actually a wise decision to base your diet on this. Here are a few food items that should be on your diet when you are in your 50’s.

1. Easily digestible foods

Having a steak and a rare one at that late at night is not only a stupid idea but can also be deadly one at this age. Your body just does not process the protein and fat as it used to at this age and if you make eating stakes a regular habit; you will soon fall dead or terribly sick. Try having small portions of food during your meals and start having early dinner if it is already not a habit for you. The trick is to find foods that your body can easily digest. Also you need to give it enough time to digest the food.

2. Supplements

Due to diseases or other problems with your general health like diabetes and high blood pressure, you may not be able to eat many foods. In such cases you can consult with your doctor about taking the right number of supplements. Do not take supplements if you are able to eat almost all the foods. Overdoing the supplements can be detrimental to your health at this point. Always consult a doctor before you start on the supplements.

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