7 Signs He will Break Your Heart

7 Signs He will Break Your Heart

Relationships red flags are like quicksand. They are difficult to detect until you start to sink. At the start of a relationship we stay in the denial mode; even if we see problems we are far too attracted and involved to see reason. But as the old adage goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Relationships break and they leave you clueless. “Only if I hadn’t done that”, “only if I hadn’t said that” – disturbing thoughts like these become a routine. Breakups are facts of life. Yet, how good it will be if you can avoid them? Know how to understand a guy at the beginning of a relationship. Here are seven signs he will break your heart.

1. He is on multiple dating sites

A few weeks into the relationship and you’ve done the snogging and sleeping over part. So, why does he still want to keep multiple dating accounts? This is a tell-tale sign he is likely to break off the relationship sooner or later. You are just his back up plan and he’s not really into you. If you are in it for sex, enjoy. If you are thinking romance, run!

2. He will only settle for a perfect woman

It’s very difficult for anybody to live up to pre-set standards. If your man so much as utters something about a perfect woman, or an illusive love-of-life, it’s reason for alarm. We all have our romantic and sexual fantasies but expecting that in real life is often immature and, shall we say, a little selfish. If he doesn’t think you match up to his expectation, why is he with you in the first place? Either consciously or unconsciously, he’ll have a tendency to judge and compare you with the woman of his dreams. When he finds someone else that seems closer to that dream, he will dump you like you were just a passing phase.

3. He doesn’t have any long term friends

Agreed, we travel or settle down for work, throughout the world, so you may not see him hanging out with his pals. But it’s very odd if you don’t even hear about them. It’s not only uncommon but clearly abnormal. This could either mean he is incapable of maintaining long term relationships or he is easily bored with familiarity. Chances are, he will get bored of you after the first flush of attraction is gone.

4. He doesn’t introduce you to his social circle

So you both have spent considerable time with each other but he still doesn’t introduce you to his friends. If he happens to bump into a friend he totally ignores introducing you, and if he does, he forgets to mention you as his girlfriend. This clearly means he is not accepting the relationship and leaving an escape route open for himself.

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