7 Reasons Old Friends Are Always Better

7 Reasons Old Friends Are Always Better

There are no friends in life like old friends. Things change, people move on but old friends still remain the same. One phone call and they would be there to support you in life. Well, listed are some reasons why old friends are always better.

1. They know it all

Old friends know everything about you! There is no question of being fake around old friends. With them, you can always be yourself. Old friends will never think negative about you, because they know about your nature and well about the person you are. So, there is no apprehension around old friends in life.

2. There is no shame

With old friends, there is no shame. You can say whatever you want to and do whatever you wish to. You heard that right! Old friends won’t judge you for anything in life because they know about you. Old friends will let you just be in your life. Can’t say the same thing with your new set of friends, it is for you to decide!

3. That unconditional support

Even if you don’t talk to them for like days, it is fine. But, if you are in some sort of problem they will always be ready to help you. Yes, old friends are like the silent pillar of strength. They may not be with you but will always care for you. As a matter of fact, old friends would give you unconditional support in your life.

4. Share your past adventures

Just a meet up with your old friends can make you all nostalgic in life. All the past adventures and situations are known to them. So, when you start chatting; you can discuss end number of things of the past. You would feel happy and well great to have such wonderful friends in your life forever.

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