4 Benefits of Doing Squats During Pregnancy

Benefits of Doing Squats During Pregnancy

While pregnancy is not the time for exercises aimed at weight loss, proper exercise is a must. In fact it is very important to exercise for a safe, easy and smooth delivery. Doing the right amount and type of exercises like squats during pregnancy not only strengthens the lower muscles of the body, but it also helps avoid the dreaded lower back pain. Check out 4 benefits of doing squats during pregnancy.

1. It makes delivery easy

Research has shown that doing squats during pregnancy is a highly effective treatment for hemorrhoids. Full squatting actually eliminates pelvic hernias that are caused during delivery due to straining. Squatting also helps eliminate the toxins present in the colon and so the baby develops in a cleaner and healthier environment.

2. It strengthens the lower body

Doing simple squats during pregnancy is very helpful to women. It helps strengthen the lower body and helps build power in the abdomen. It also lowers the pressure on the uterus and helps in a natural and easier birth. The birth canal is also fully opened when you add squats to exercises during pregnancy. It also helps in avoiding tearing and protects the pelvic floor.

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