6 Things You can Learn by Joining Twitter

Things You can Learn by Joining Twitter

Twitter is not just another social networking website. At the onset, it might come across as something that has very less to offer. Since Twitter does not allow more than 140 characters per post or tweet, making a statement or putting across some information might seem tricky. But this is where Twitter is a winner and makes its users smarter as well. Getting hooked on Twitter does not take time and building up an audience (known as followers) with interesting tweets on relevant topics and experiences also does not take ages. This helps you communicate to a large number of people in no time at all. Moreover, if you spend time on Twitter for some time every day, you may actually learn some important life skills and lessons. Listed below are the top 6 things you can learn by joining Twitter.

1. Being yourself

Social media is all about pretense. Everyone pretends to be someone else online just to attract attention. But this negates the true individuality of a person and does not bear any fruit whatsoever. Twitter, however, teaches you to be yourself because whatever you tweet on Twitter cannot be an exaggeration of reality because neither do you have the scope nor would you want to be left out without an active batch of followers.

2. Showing kindness

Twitter also teaches you to be kind. Every day you shall see people re-tweeting and sharing tweets which gives a glimpse into the vast amount of kindness being showered all over the internet all day long. If this teaches you even to be slightly kind in real life, the world may become a better place.

3. Using ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’

On Twitter, the words ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ appear to be overused as it is used profusely by users to seek help, advice and suggestions regarding various topics. Twitter definitely teaches us the importance of these words and how useful they really are.

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