5 Reasons a Cat is the Best Pet You can Have

Reasons a Cat is the Best Pet You can Have

Yes it’s true that cats are where the word “catty” comes from. They are usually sidelined and it’s the dogs that take the cake when it comes to being “man’s best friend”. But these lazy animals, ever-sleepy and ever-ready for pampering, aren’t so bad really. In fact these furry balls make the best companion for your lonely days and are the best things to cuddle with. Here are 5 reasons why cats are the best pet you can have.

1. They need lesser attention

Cats are perfectly happy to be left on their own. Unlike dogs that seek your constant attention and would sit down and stare at you with a pitiful expression unless you start playing with them, cats have no such problems. You don’t need to drain out all your energy with your cat as soon as you’re back from work. If you are too busy or tired to give them time, they will just do their own thing. At the most all they would want is to sit on your lap and purr gently while you pat them. Now that’s relaxing.

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2. They mean lesser work

Cats are clean and that’s a fact. They are much cleaner compared to many other animals. Cats clean themselves from head to toe and hence don’t require much grooming. An occasional brushing, good diet and keeping their coat free from flees are the only things you need to worry about. A cat won’t even touch its litter tray if it’s unclean!

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3. They are easily trainable

Although dogs seem like the most trained amongst all the pets, yet it’s the cats that take lesser time to get trained. Cats are intelligent animals and grasp things faster. You can get your cat litter trained, teach it to open doors, go through cat doors and not claw the sofa, within just three months.

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