5 Things that Turn Men off

5 Things that Turn Men off

No one wants to hear criticism about themselves, and that is a bitter fact of life. While we may appreciate feedback on a professional level, personal comments are never received in a healthy manner. Hence, it becomes difficult for someone to tell us what they do not like about us. But if you want to have a healthy relationship, you have to know where your faults lie. This is why, we will tell you 5 things which are bound to turn most men off, and if you think you have any of them, you will know where to change.

1. Assuming they know it all

It is practically impossible for someone to always know what you want or what’s going on inside that head of yours’. Especially when it comes to women, the difficulty rises ten-folds. Hence, don’t always expect your partner to know all your heart’s desires. Men hate this, because they know it isn’t possible. Speak out to them and they will be more than happy to fulfill your wishes.

2. Hurting the male ego

Men are human beings too, and human beings make mistakes. They have those moments when their brain stops functioning and they do something terribly dumb. But narrating that repetitively to all his family and friends can get really annoying, and it becomes worse when you associate that dumbness to him being a “guy”. Obviously you would not enjoy if they did the same to you, so limit your fun to an extent where you’re not hurting the other person’s feelings.

3. Coming up with annoying surprises

After a week-long of hard work, most men usually want to spend the weekend relaxing at home, playing video games or reading books, or maybe just have some family time. If you happen to ruin that plan of his every week by bringing up some plan of your own, it is definitely going to spoil the relationship. It is understood that you want to go visit your friends or family or go out shopping, but that is acceptable when it happens once in a while. But taking away every weekend from a guy only because he is your husband or boyfriend is definitely not acceptable.

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