3 Exercises to Strengthen Bones

3 Exercises to Strengthen Bones

We all know that bones make up the basic structure of our body. It provides a framework, also known as skeleton, based on which our whole body is developed since birth. While we are aware of the importance of bones for our well-being, keeping them strong may have come to be slightly overlooked in our busy lifestyles. Adequate intake of calcium is important, but you must also carry out a few exercises from time to time in order to keep your bones strong. Here are few types of exercises to strengthen bones

1. Weight bearing exercises

Weight bearing exercises are the ones where you use the weight of your body against the earth’s gravity in order to strengthen your bones. These include several high impact activities like dancing, running, jogging, aerobics, skipping and so on. These are mostly high-impact exercises where pressure is exerted on your bones in order to make them strong. But in case you have an injury or weak bones due to diseases like osteoporosis, you should go for low impact weight bearing exercises like brisk walking on treadmill or outside, exercises on elliptical training machines, low impact aerobics and so on. These will not exert too much pressure on your bones while also help keep them strong and prevent further deterioration.

2. Strength training

In strength training, the body weight is used to lift or push additional weights in order to strengthen bones. These exercises include weight lifting, functional movements, and exercises using weight machines, elastic exercise bands and so on. You may also practice Yoga or Pilates for strengthening your bones; however, always consult an instructor before trying out a new exercise form.

3. Non-impact exercises

Non-impact exercises help improve your balance and posture, thereby also strengthening your muscles and bones without much impact on your body. These exercises help you avoid injury and broken bones due to falls and accidents. These exercises include Tai Chi, some forms of Yoga, functional exercises and some styles of martial arts.

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