5 Amazing Facts About the Couple Who Found Gold Coins Worth 10 Million Dollars

Amazing Facts About the Couple Who Found Gold Coins Worth 10 Million Dollars

A couple walking their dog in their property in Northern California stumbles upon an old can and unearthed one of the largest treasures buried in the history of the country. This 10 million dollar treasure has now been labelled the Saddle Ridge Hoard treasure, named after the area where the treasure was unearthed. There are a lot of theories about these gold coins and how they came to be buried there. Some theorize that it was the gold buried by Jesse James who dreamt of financing another civil war, while others believe that it was treasure buried by the gentleman robber Black Bart. There are others who say that it is from Walter Dimmicks loot that he stole from the San Francisco treasury in 1901. This theory doesn’t hold much water as there are coins much older than the ones minted in 1901. Theories aside here are some interesting facts about the couple.

1. They do not want to be known or identified as the treasure couple

And with reason. Their treasure find is worth millions of dollars and this makes them likely targets for scams and other thieves. The husband says that he had to look around to see if anyone was looking while they unearthed the treasure as he was scared.

2. They actually buried it underground again and reasoned that it was the safest place in their property

Instead of taking it inside their house and putting it in a safe, they buried it again believing that it was safer under the ground than inside the house.

3. They actually thought it was a can of lead or paint and were cribbing about its weight as they were carrying it inside

After all the complaining, they were quite flabbergasted to find what was inside. It was quite a windfall and the wife apparently could not close her mouth for a few seconds in complete shock.

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