6 Super Homemade Halloween Decorations

6 Super Homemade Halloween Decorations

Hey! Halloween is the time when you can get as creative and as scary as possible. If you are planning some spooky stuff for your decorations, then try some homemade ideas this time. Here are some super homemade Halloween decorations just for you.

1. Hanging bats lantern

You can also call it a hanging bat chandelier. It is too scary and eerie at the same time. This decoration can be used in your interiors as well as exteriors. Take a ring and some black card papers. Draw different sized bats on the card papers. Now, cut them along. With the help of a firm thread, hang the bats to the ring of the lantern. Give it a cool effect with some glow stickers. This would create an eerie atmosphere for sure.

2. Decorative pumpkins

There are many things to do with your regular pumpkins on Halloween. Just choose your size and get started. An interesting decoration can be made using buttons on pumpkin. You heard that right. Draw your favorite spider and stick buttons to complete the look. To make it look scary on Halloween just place a bow on the pumpkin. This will create a cool effect for the occasion.

3. Cat pumpkins

When you think about a scary Halloween night, the first thing which comes to your mind is cat. So, why don’t you make a spooky cat with the help of pumpkin and a small round foam ball. Just take a medium sized pumpkin and paint it black all over. Now, paint the foam ball black. Stick it on the top of your pumpkin. Stick eyes with the help of glue and for whiskers use black fold flexible straws. Your cat is just ready to hunt people down.

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