7 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

7 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Kids are most excited about Halloween. For them, it’s a different feeling to get into costumes made by you. And, well different costumes means it’s a fun thing for them too. Make the occasion of Halloween more fun by making some DIY costumes for kids, off course along with them, read on to know more.

1. Octopus costume

This is like the most amazing costume for your kids! Just use some old stockings and soft cotton for making this costume. Take five to six different colored stockings and fill it up with cotton. Seal each of it and then attach it to the main tee your kid would wear at the Halloween party. The stitch you make should be quite strong, your kid would really look different.

2. Hipster princess costume

Make your little girl look like a hipster princess. Make her wear a fun maxi dress. But, team up the dress with some scary accessories like a skull pendant or maybe some spooky earrings. Also, make her wear special mask or frame along with the dress. The idea is to make her look like a hipster princess, she would surely look great.

3. Lego brick costume

If your kids just love Lego toys, then make Lego costumes this Halloween to make them happy. You would need some plastic preferably red in color. Make a box with the help of a card board. Now, stick red plastic all over with dots. This should look like a Lego brick or a Lego toy. Make it look even on all the sides. Your amazing Lego costume is ready.

4. Fire fighter costume

An easy way to use your kid’s rain wear! Just make your kid wear a black rain coat with some scary accessories like a scary bracelet. Team it up with the fire fighters hat that is available in party stores. Also, make cute scary pumpkin to complete the look of this dress. The same pumpkin your kid would carry to the party.

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