3 Dangers of Super Facials

3 Dangers of Super Facials

Who doesn’t want a young, healthy looking, glowing complexion? Salons and cosmetic companies see this weakness in women and try to capitalize on it and we end up with thousands of products and specialty treatments that offer a miracle cure for ageing, wrinkles and fine lines on our face. Gullible, we follow and try different methods to get rid of all imperfections and get addicted to them in the process. Superfacials are treatments that promise a clear skin by getting rid of acne marks, wrinkles and reverses the ageing process. Three are three treatments that are cause for concern- microdermabrasion, chemical peels and Photofacials.

1. Treatment-Microdermabrasion

It is a treatment where tiny aluminum crystals are blasted at the skin using a high velocity jet of air. This takes off the top layer of the skin and any imperfections with it, revealing a glowing new skin beneath.

Dangers-It sounds good, but when repeated many times, it makes the skin too thin and prone to allergies, blotches and many other problems. Women who smoke or who are diabetic should not even consider getting these treatments done. Eventually your face loses its sheen and you end up looking older than you really are.

2. Chemical Peels

A treatment in which an acid solution is applied on the outer layer of the skin to remove the damaged areas and is touted to remove wrinkles, blemishes and uneven skin pigmentation. In case of chemical peels, it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist before applying a peel at home.

Dangers-Al though it does not cause any serious damages, it does result in scarring, outbreak of cold sores, swelling and infections on your face and there are chances you may end up with more scars on your face.

3. Photofacials

A series of light pulses are emitted over various wavelengths on the face to make it look younger, fresher and lighter. This is usually recommended for women with lighter skin, although women with darker shades of skin can also try this.

Dangers-While the treatment in general makes the skin look younger, it might have adverse effects on others, by causing blood vessels to break, increase redness of skin, make visible more capillaries, enlarge pores and make skin appear older.

Gone are the days when facials were a simple process of cleansing and getting an instant glow that would last for a few hours or days. Technology has taken over beauty treatments these days resulting in longer lasting effects. Effects that are good at first but make an irreversible damage to your skin. In trying to reverse the aging process and the damage done to our skins over the years, we go for quick fix measures that do more damage than good. Instead we can try drinking more water to keep skin hydrated and try some home remedies.

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