7 Reasons Your Best Friend is Better than a Boyfriend

7 Reasons Your Best Friend is Better than a Boyfriend

Boyfriends are cool; yes we agree to that. But for all those single girls out there, things are a little different. For them, best friends are cooler, and more awesome! Now you’re wondering why are we talking of this, and why exactly are we comparing best friends with boyfriends, right? Well, the truth is, not many girls realize that one’s life is not/ should not be based around guys only. Life has a lot more fun to offer than you think, when you realize that your best friend is probably a million times better than your boyfriend. Don’t believe us? Go through the reasons below, and we’re sure they will leave you convinced.

1. Best friends don’t cheat

They will make new friends, but will always tell you about them. Soon, you will be friends with your friends’ friends, and you will find yourself in an ever-expanding social circle. This is often not possible with boyfriends who would never tell you when they like another girl. In other words, best friends don’t cheat.

2. Best friends are great for boyfriend cribbing

You can crib about your boyfriend to your best friend, but you can’t crib about your boyfriend in front of him, right? You need someone to vent out your thoughts and feelings to, especially about your relationship; and best friends fit the bill perfectly for those patient listening ears and comforting shoulders.

3. Best friends don’t refuse for shopping trips

They always accompany you on your day-long shopping trips and never sulk or crib when they have to watch you try on even a thousand outfits in the trial room. Boyfriends are the ones who get irritated and lose patience, but best friends always give great inputs and help you in your shopping.

4. Best friends don’t have commitment issues

You don’t have to worry with best friends about where your relationship is going, or what you should do to make it more stable. Best friends come with no added baggage or burden in your life, and don’t bring in issues of commitment, infidelity, relationship stability etc. with them. Things with them are absolutely cool and sorted.

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