5 Tips to Talk About Thigh Gap With Your Daughter

5 Tips to Talk About Thigh Gap With Your Daughter

“Thigh gap”, the two horror words that seem to be a top priority with girls who are obsessed with their looks and keep a constant check on their body and keep tracking their weight. It is the gap that can be seen between the legs , mostly between the upper thighs when a person stands, but not knowing genetics and the body shape play an important role in presence or lack of a thigh gap, many girls starve themselves to achieve the gap and a perfect figure which usually turns out be extremely thin or skinny. As a mother, it is always difficult to know what your teen is going through and if it is body issues, there is a chance she might not come to you, but would rather go to her friends or the internet for advice. But you care and would want her to stay healthy and get the right advice and here are a few tips to help you discuss thigh gap with your daughter.

1. Start by being a good role model

Be confident of your body and yourself when you are around your daughter. If you are heavy or big made, do not keep complaining about it. Rather start eating healthy and exercise more. This would give your daughter confidence about her too.

2. Have an open conversation

Do not get mad at her even when you find out that she starves herself to get that dreaded “thigh gap”. Put away the mom mantle for a while, and talk to her like you would talk to a friend. Explain to her the health problems she could face and listen to her woes too.

3. Reinforce her confidence

Don’t criticize her on her weight. Keep giving her prep talks about how great she looks. If she is too skinny, tell her in a nice way to put on some flesh. Tell her looks aren’t everything and thigh gap just won’t matter in a few years.

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