7 Things You Never Knew About Sex

7 Things You Never Knew About Sex

Sex is not an act that we do solely for pleasure or procreation purposes. There are so many reasons as to why we have sex and there are still so many things that we do not know about sex. Here are a few things about sex that we didn’t know, facts that would shock us, make us laugh and make us squirm and a few more that would give answers to old questions that we never came around to asking anyone.

1. A lot of women bleed after intercourse

There is no need to panic or think you have got your periods early. This bleeding happens due to a condition called the post coital bleeding, which is an infection in the cervix or a polyp. This is not life threatening, but it is always advisable to go see your gynecologist.

2. Many straight guys like a little anal penetration

There are many straight guys who like a little action down there. This doesn’t mean they have homosexual tendencies, but it is just another area that they are sensitive about and would like to be touched and played with. Stimulation of the prostrate can lead to intense orgasms and maybe this is why men love it.

3. You don’t need to be penetrated to orgasm.

There are so many ways a woman can orgasm and sexual intercourse is always a must to experience an orgasm. Deep sexual thoughts, a little bit of rubbing and touching in the right areas and you can orgasm. There are some women who experience an orgasm even after a session of passionate kissing.

4. Women with an higher education are more likely to go for one night stands

There is no scientific backing for this, but it is widely believed that women with doctoral degrees or more would be more open to one night stands than women with bachelor’s degree. Blame it on the lack of time or a heightened sense of security and ego, it happens.

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