9 Great Reasons to Flirt

9 Great Reasons to Flirt

Flirting can be a great thing as along as both of you are aware that you are participating in the act of flirting. The problem comes when one of you is not aware of it and may get a wrong signal. We give you some great reasons to engage in healthy flirting.

1. A boost to your confidence

When you flirt with a good looking guy at a party and get a positive response, it can give you a great confidence boost. It also feeds your ego and makes you feel good about yourself. Above all, being confident draws more men towards you and this ends up becoming a great cycle.

2. The convenience

If you want to flirt with someone, you need not set aside a lot of time from your schedule or make prior plans. It all happens spontaneously. You can flirt whenever or wherever you want. It could be while you are driving, or texting, at a party, or when you are going to the grocery store. The possibilities are endless. You need not spend big bucks or draw a plan.

3. Helps you be an extrovert

If you are the kind of person who rarely speaks to a stranger or feels very shy to strike up a conversation, then flirting can help you come out of your shell. You need not worry about the outcome if you are engaging in healthy flirting. It does not have to be very loud or overt. You can do it in your own subtle way without drawing the attention of others around you.

4. No emotional drama

One of the best reasons to flirt is that there are no emotions attached to it. You need not worry about dumping the guy or feel scared about getting dumped. Even if either of you gets bored of the flirting, you can slowly stop the act without anybody getting too hurt.

5. The excitement

One of the main reasons why flirting seems so good is the fact that it has endless possibilities. You never know how far you may be able to take it. What might start as a healthy flirting can end up being something more. You might end up dancing, may make a new friend or might end up going on a date. This is what makes it so exciting.

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