10 Common Reasons for Divorce

10 Common Reasons for Divorce

The rate at which divorces take place is increasing at an alarming pace these days. It is startling to see the relationship of a happy couple falling apart after a few years of marriage. Some couples get divorced after a few years of getting married whereas some get divorced within a few months. There can be several reasons behind a divorce. Enlisted here are some common reasons for divorce.

1. Communication gap

It is shocking to see that two persons living under the same roof sometimes don’t find time to talk to each other. Hectic work schedules and other responsibilities create a communication gap between couples, which eventually leads to divorce. It is important to find a few hours for each other every day. Spending quality time is important.

2. Suspicion

Lack of trust can end a marriage into divorce. Many a times, people suspect their partners to be in a relationship outside marriage without confirming facts. This can have a detrimental effect on the relationship and may even end up in divorce.

3. Abandonment

When one partner spends more time with TV, video games, colleagues or friends, the other partner feels ignored. This is a strong and sad feeling which makes people angry and sometimes depressed. As a result, the ignored spouse chooses to abandon the other partner and eventually they divorce each other.

4. Emotional abuse

Harsh words, anger, ignorance and belittling a person in front of others can cause conflicts between a couple. All these things make love vanish from a marriage.

5. Physical abuse

It definitely ends a marriage. The abused person will tolerate the abuse only until a point but the end result of such a marriage is always divorce.

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