5 Reasons Calcium is Good for Women

5 Reasons Calcium is Good for Women

Calcium is a very important mineral for the human body, and it is found in abundance in the teeth and bones. This mineral is needed so that your muscles, nerves, kidneys, and the heart can function properly. It is often said that women should consume food that has high level of calcium, as it helps in making their bones stronger. The ideal amount of calcium intake, as per research, has been increased from 800mg to 1000 or 1200mg per day in recent years. Following are the reasons why women need calcium more than men.

1. To fight osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that increases chances of frequent fractures. It is one of the most common diseases that women have to face, when they grow older. In this particular disease, the bone mineral density or the BMD diminishes, thereby affecting the whole structural design of the bones. Osteoporosis becomes common in women after menopause, hence it is always recommended for women to take foods with plenty of calcium, like dairy products or calcium supplements.

2. For strong bones

As mentioned earlier, calcium is stored mainly in the bones, which helps to keep them strong. If the body realizes that it needs more calcium in the blood, then it adjusts by taking it from the bones. In the meanwhile, if there is not enough calcium in the bones left, then there is a high chance that they may become brittle. It is essential to give your bones correct amount of calcium each day, so that they don’t become prone to bone related disorders. It is especially crucial to keep a check of your calcium levels from your younger days itself.

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