Top 7 Benefits of Aromatherapy

Top 7 Benefits of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy, since ancient times, has relaxed and treated many human ailments. Balancing the body and mind and making a person healthy is the foundation of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy also helps to relieve insomnia as relaxing the patient helps them to sleep. Besides that, aromatherapy boasts many more benefits. Here they are.

1. Dermal benefits

Aromatherapy works by soothing the body. It works on the dermal layer, that is the skin. It cleanses the skin of various microbes that reside on the skin. It clears the skin of all parasites like bacteria, fungus, virus etc. The clearing is done gently, leaving a great fragrance, to make the patient feel rejuvenated. This can have a better effect by way of massage followed by a scented bath using citronella oil or lavender oil leaving the patient feel clean, clear and fresh.

2. Psychological benefits

The vapors of the pure oils, when inhaled, activates the emotional centers in the cortex of the brain, thereby either relaxing or exhilarating the person. In this manner, all psychological ailments, if not completely healed, can at least be taken care of by making the person feel rejuvenated with the help of aromatherapy. The primary psychological ailments that can be cured by aromatherapy are anxiety, depression, and stress. Anxiety symptoms are not only psychosomatic but also physiological in nature. Aromatherapy’s essential oils act on the nerves by calming them, either by massage or by adding them to the bath water. For example, lemon oil has a calming effect when used in bath oil. Calming of nerves helps to relieve the fear and stress that causes anxiety. Depression is a low feeling to an extreme level where you are not able to do normal functions. Aromatherapy acts on the nerve center, to relax and to return a sense of well being, thereby lifting the spirits of the patient.

3. Relief from aches

Aromatherapy is a perfect cure for body aches, muscular pains and headache. Massage by oil helps to ease the aches and pains in the body. Clove oil is not only used for toothache but other aches too. Basil and black pepper essential oils are ideal oils that are used in aromatherapy as cures for various aches and pains. For headache, a combination of basil and eucalyptus oil works wonders.

4. Menstrual benefits

Women face a lot of problems during their menstrual cycles. A massage or a bath using geranium oil can help to impede the heavy blood loss. Rose, lavender and sage oils help to relieve menstrual cramps.

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