5 Myths About Yoga That You Need To Know

5 Myths About Yoga That You Need To Know

“Sharon, why don’t you try out Yoga for your arthritis? I’m sure it’ll do you good”, said Hannah, a Yoga practitioner. “No Hannah, I’ve heard that Yoga is only for people who are very flexible”, said Sharon. Hannah was shocked at what she heard. Friends, are you too harboring such false myths about Yoga in your head? Allow us to help you clear them.

Myth #1: Being spiritual and religious is a prerequisite

“Are you kidding me, Sharon? Yoga is a science which disciplines your mind and body. Spirituality in Yoga means discipline, it’s not associated with any religion or personal faiths. It’s completely secular”, said Hannah.

Myth #2: Yoga is too slow to burn fat quickly

“This is completely untrue. Yoga may be slow and low impact as a form of exercise, but it targets specific muscles of the body. It is even more effective than going to the gym”, said Hannah. “People tend to have more faith in gyms only because they make you perspire a lot”, she added.

Myth #3: Yoga comprises only ground exercises

“I don’t blame most people for believing this myth”, said Hannah, sighing. “Yoga is a way of life, not just a form of exercise. It steadies your mind, purges your body and controls your senses. From your diet to your sleep, you can include Yoga in all your daily activities”, elaborated Hannah.

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