12 Signs a Man is Flirting With You

Signs a Man is Flirting With You

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Flirting is fun and exciting. But, how do you get to know if a man is flirting with you or not. Well, look out for these 12 signs:

1. He lingers while maintaining eye contact

He maintains eye contact a little longer than usual. You can almost feel that he’s up to something.

2. He ‘listens’ to you

When you speak, he is all ears to you. No matter how boring your talk may be, in him you’ll find an intent listener.

3. He often darts glances towards you

Whenever you look at him, chances are that he is already looking at you. You often find him darting secretive glances towards you.

4. He forwards fun messages almost regularly

He wants to be visible so he ensures that he keeps sending you something every now and then. So you’ll often find forwarded flirty emails or fun text messages from him.

5. He looks for opportunities to touch you

It will be subtle, but it’s definitely there – that lingering handshake, or a casual hand on shoulder or a gentle pat on back every now and then. It’s like he is looking for opportunities to have some sort of physical contact with you.

6. He ‘notices’ you

If you get a new haircut or wear a new dress, he notices the change in you.

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