10 Ways to Create a Great First Impression on Anyone

 Ways to Create a Great First Impression on Anyone

The reason why first impression is the last impression is because when you first see a person, his/her image stays in your brain for a while and your brain tries to interpret what kind of a person he/she is by making connections and analyzing facts and imagery clues with your memories, experiences and knowledge. That is the reason why some people appear to be so smart and intelligent while others appear to be complete idiots just by their looks. Though, rationally speaking, the first impression is made only on the basis of appearance and looks, and has very less to do with the person’s intellect and compatibility otherwise. The first impression does stay in a person’s mind for a while and may determine whether he/she would want to meet you or interact with you more in order to know you better and thus give that first impression a chance to change. So, it is always safer and smarter to make a very good first impression, in order not to miss out on opportunities! The task is not so daunting. Listed below are 10 ways to create a great first impression on anyone.

1. Be confident about yourself

No matter who you are interacting or meeting up with, you cannot compromise on self confidence. Unless you are confident about yourself, other persons cannot put their confidence in you. So, be confident and feel relaxed and comfortable in your skin.

2. Practice sound body language

A good body language is imperative in sending across non-verbal signals to your partner about what you are feeling. If you send out the wrong signals, a prospective life partner or a job could be going out of hand. So you must practice positive body language and know which posture means what.

3. Wear a smile

Always put a smile on your face, especially when you are meeting someone for the first time. Treat the other person like a long lost friend and make him/her feel at home. This will create a very good impression as the other person will feel comfortable with you. Of course, you should keep the situation and circumstances in mind and not smile heartily and end up looking like a fool.

4. Make eye contact

No matter who you are interacting with, a proper eye contact could make or break your impression. Look straight in the eye of the person and speak confidently. A good eye contact is reflective of self confidence, while if you look here and there while interacting, you come across as cynical and undependable. However, do not stare, as that would have an altogether different meaning.

5. Dress suitably

Wear an appropriate dress suiting the occasion. If you have a good dressing sense, your personality gets enhanced manifold. On the contrary, if you do not know what dress to wear on what occasion, your first impression will not be very affirmative.

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