6 Signs a Guy is Playing Hard to Get

6 Signs a Guy is Playing Hard to Get

What if he likes you, but is playing hard to get? There are many signs which depict this behavior. He might be doing this to test your love for him. Know about the signs to confront him on his behavior.

1. If he is busy

If you call him up, and there is no reply, then he might be doing this intentionally. He would do this to see your reaction on the situation. If he does not pick up the phone at once, but calls you up later, then he is playing hard to get.

2. If there is no reply

If you text him a love message, and he does not reply, then he might be doing this to make you realize his importance. He would not reply immediately, but would reply after five minutes. He is doing this to get your attention, or may be to make you jealous.

3. If he declines

If you ask him out for a date, and he declines your offer, then he is simply playing hard to get. He would decline the offer for a date for the first time. The second time, he would agree to come with you. He wants to know about your feelings for him.

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