6 Tips to Deal With a Shy Boyfriend

6 Tips to Deal With a Shy Boyfriend

You cannot expect a shy boyfriend to fit the image of a typical boyfriend who will serenade you and flaunt you off in front of his friends. If you have a shy boyfriend, here are a few ways to deal with him.

1. Don’t drag him out of his comfort zone

You cannot put an introvert person out of his or her comfort zone and expect him or her to function normally. If your boyfriend becomes uncomfortable in any given situation, he will go deeper into his shell. Start off by putting effort in recognizing his comfort areas, preferences, likes and dislikes. If you want him to do something that does not come to him naturally, talk to him about it and gradually induct him into it rather than trying to uproot him from his comfort zone.

2. Take initiative

There is no written rule that it is always the man in the relationship who must take initiative in everything . If you know that your boyfriend is an introvert, make it a point to take the initiative rather than waiting for him, only to be disappointed. As time passes, your boyfriend will notice that he should do his bit and take more initiative too. This will naturally get him to open up.

3. Secure his trust

Securing trust is paramount when it comes to dealing with a shy and introvert boyfriend. He must know that you will never let him down in front of anyone. He should be rest assured that you will never judge him by his demeanor, but by his character. Once he trusts the fact that you love him for what he is and you support him at every step, he will become much more confident about himself. He should stop feeling the pressure of having to impress you all the time.

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