8 Signs of a Rebound Relationship

Signs of a Rebound Relationship

Do you find yourself dating too soon after your recent breakup? Are you confused about your relationship status? Do you want to know if a cupid has struck you again or if it’s just another rebound relationship? Look out for these signs of a rebound relationship:

1. When you are sitting with your ‘new’ lover, your thoughts often stray towards your ex

While dating and romancing, you often find yourself thinking about your ex. Sometimes the more you try not to think, the more his thoughts keep pouring in. It’s almost .

2. You are seeking a ‘replacement’

It’s not like you are going in for a new person, it’s more like you are seeking a replacement for your ex – something like when a child loses one favorite toy and wants the same one again to firresistibleorget the heartache and pain.

3. You still go back to your ex’s photos/letters/emails and the likes

Even though you are in a new relationship, you still go back to your ex’s stuff. Walking down the memory lane is something you do often.

4. You keep comparing

Every time he compliments you or takes you out for dinner, you find yourself comparing him with your ex. What your ex did and what he does– this is a constant mental exercise for you. You just can’t help but compare your new lover to your ex all the time.

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