10 Ways to Make Time Go by Faster

10 Ways to Make Time Go by Faster

There are certain moments in your life that you just wish would end. Waiting is one of the most boring things to do. You could be waiting for a lecture to end, trying to fall asleep, waiting for a friend or just have nothing to do at home. But with the right steps, we could help you to make all that waiting time just fly by. Here are ten interesting ways to make time go faster, the next time you are trying to climb the walls from boredom.

1. Don’t look at the clock!

No matter how tempting this may seem, when you can’t wait for time to pass, the clock can be a very seducing mechanism that compels you to keep looking at it. But this is the worst thing you could do. Looking at the clock will actually make time go much slower because time always goes slower when you are counting every second.

2. Counting numbers

Count till 100, and then till 200. Do this till 1000. Then count backwards. All your concentration is focused on the counting and before you know it, considerable amount of time has just gone by! You won’t even know how time actually flew.

3. Alphabets backwards:

Here is where you get to use your basics. Practice saying alphabets backwards. Trust us, it is not as easy as you would imagine it to be. In the end, time has flown and you have also learnt something really interesting. Later, probably you could challenge your friends to beat you.

4. Imagine a story in your head:

Use your creativity to the fullest and create a story of yourself in your head. This story should have drama, action, comedy, horror, suspense and all the amazing essentials that a good story must have. Just imagining so much in your head will keep you entertained and before you know it, time will pass.

5. Play the staring game

If you are with someone, you could play it with them. If not, play it with strangers and watch them get uncomfortable. You will find some of the most funny and interesting reactions ever. Warning: They may mistake you for a real weirdo. But trust us, time will pass!

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