6 Ways to Bond With Your Boss

6 Ways to Bond With Your Boss

Bonding with your boss at work is important because he or she is the person you are likely to spend a lot of time with. But creating this bond can also be difficult because of the professional relationship you share. Here are a few ways to bond with your boss.

1. Wish your boss on commemorative days

One of the first things you should to bond with your boss is to wish him or her on commemorative days such as Boss’ Day, a birthday or an anniversary. This will let your boss know that you have put in effort to send a wish on a special day of his or her life. When you wish your boss on such days, don’t limit yourself to sending an email. Wish your boss in person with a small token so that you stand out from rest of the employees.

2. Tell your boss that he or she inspires you

Every boss in this world would love to hear that he or she is an inspiration for an employee. If you are impressed by the way in which your boss handled a certain project, his or her professional ethics or personal qualities, communicate the same. This will make your boss feel on could nine and you are likely to be remembered as a pet favorite employee. You can use this way to instantly bond with your boss.

3. Affirm your boss’ actions and ideas

There is a fine line of difference between affirming your boss’s actions and being a sycophant. Whenever you like an idea that your boss has given or an initiative that your boss is planning to implement, appreciate it. Affirm your boss’ step by lending your support. This will help you to bond with your boss better. It will also send your boss a message that he or she can find support in you whenever required.

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