5 Tips To Help You Stop A Friend From Committing A Mistake

5 Tips To Help You Stop A Friend From Committing A Mistake

Being a friend needs you not only to hang out and enjoy with your friend, but also to look out for her in the time of need. You need to provide encouragement when she is down, and hope when she has lost it. You need to be the shoulder that she cries on, and the hand that she reaches out for to wipe her tears. As a friend, you need to make sure that you are honest with her and tell her when she is wrong. Stopping a friend from making a mistake is a complicated task that needs to be handled delicately. Take some tips from this interesting piece.

1. Explain

It is often misunderstood that no matter what you say, your friend will not listen when she has already made up her mind. However, that is not the case. If you can take time and explain to her why you think she is doing a mistake, she might reconsider her actions and take a different decision. So, ensure that you talk to your friend and give her a chance to understand what you are saying.

2. Persistence

Be patient, and do not give up at the first instance even after she refuses. She may get persuaded if you keep talking to her about it. Some women take time to get convinced and so we would suggest that you do not give up on your friend easily.

3. Quote experiences

If you have done something similar earlier and regretted it later, do not hesitate to tell it to your friend. Knowing that you have had a bitter experience might make your friend understand that she is indeed doing a mistake.

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