10 Signs That He Finds You Attractive

10 Signs That He Finds You Attractive

If you are confused whether or not a guy is attracted to you, then check out the following signs. These signs will help you determine if a particular guy is attracted to you or not.

1. If the guy stares at you

If this guy just can’t stop looking at you, then he is attracted to you. This guy wouldn’t just stare at your eyes but he would look at you from head to toe. Moreover, notice how he reacts when you look at him. If he is staring at you, and your eyes meet his, he will feel embarrassed and look away. This is one of the biggest signs that he finds you hot.

2. If he finds reasons to touch you

If this guy touches you unnecessarily or finds a reason to touch you, then he probably finds you attractive. He will make excuses, and will create situations so that he can touch your hand, shoulder or cheek. He can even talk non-sense just to be near you and just to talk to you.

3. If he uses charming or even cheeky words to make you feel good

He might say “Wow! You are so delicious!” or “That dress makes you look so hot,” if he finds you hot. He can use silly as well as cute words to give you great compliments. If he does this then he wants you to feel special, and of course, he is attracted to you.

4. Watch his smile

You have to watch his smile if you want to find out whether or not he is attracted to you. This guy will look at you and keep smiling for several minutes without saying even a single word. He may look and smile at you from a distance standing amidst several other people or he may do the same standing next to you. Distance wouldn’t matter for him. He would just want to look at you for several minutes and smile.

5. If he shows you off to his friends

Guys love to flaunt their attractive girlfriends. This guy might call you to a party where he has a lot of friends around him. He may call some of his friends to meet you and him at a coffee shop. If he is walking with you, and you guys bump into one of his friends, then his face will light up! If he finds you attractive, he will surely walk with his head held high while he is with you.

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