5 Ways To Know The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

5 Ways To Know The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

“Maggie, I am very worried. I took a pregnancy test yesterday, it showed negative, but I’m still not convinced”, confessed Emma to her closest friend Maggie. “Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t we call up Samantha, that girl from Algebra class? She recently went through pregnancy and she would know a lot about the early signs of pregnancy and stuff.” That sounded like a great idea to both the girls. They phoned up Samantha right there and got a few things sorted out. Let’s follow their conversation about the early signs of pregnancy.

Question 1:

Maggie: “Sam, what’s the first alarming and earliest sign of pregnancy that I should be warned about?”

Samantha: “Maggie, I bet you know this, but missing a period after an intercourse is straightaway an early sign of pregnancy that you cannot fail to recognize. Although, missing a period can also be a result of some hormonal ups and downs. So, it’s best to get this early sign of pregnancy confirmed through a sonography.”

Question 2:

Emma: “Samantha, I haven’t missed my period but I’ve been spotting a lot. Is that an early sign of pregnancy to worry about?”

Samantha: “Hi Emma. Sorry to say this. But sometimes, women don’t miss their periods and keep spotting for a week or two. But eventually their menstruation does stop. This is a typical early sign of pregnancy that you should be worried about.”

Question 3:

Maggie: “Emma is suddenly feeling averse to foods that she used to love before, like cheese and chocolate. Does this have anything to do with being an early sign of pregnancy?”

Samantha: “You’ve got it bang on Mag. I felt the same when I had just become pregnant. I used to throw up on smelling tea or coffee. Can you believe that? I would never imagine that a stupid early sign of pregnancy would make me hate my favorite coffee!”

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