10 Ways to Cope with Miscarriage

10 Ways to Cope with Miscarriage

Experiencing a miscarriage is a nightmare for any woman. It means the shattering of all dreams that she had weaved around her ‘baby’. It can be a very difficult time for a woman because her body experiences sudden hormonal changes. Added to this is the emotional trauma and feelings of loss that the woman feels. If you have gone through this physically and emotionally harrowing experience, then it’s time to pull yourself together. To help you in doing so, here are 10 tips for coping with miscarriage.

1. Pen down your feelings

It’s important to provide an outlet to all your emotions and feelings. So pick up a pen and start writing whatever comes to your mind. It need not make sense. You’ll find it quite cathartic and liberating. If tears flow down, let them. But just keep writing.

2. Deal with your grief

Sometimes women try to escape from the grief. Accept reality and face it bravely. Don’t try to ignore or push back your feelings. If you want to deal with it alone, do so. If you want to be with people, then be with them. But whatever you do, just don’t run away from it.

3. Bond with your husband

Your husband is suffering too. Rather than experiencing trauma alone, bond with him and try finding solace in his love.

4. Join a support group

Being around people who have experienced similar pain can help you in overcoming yours. So find a good support group and give it a try!

5. Go on a quiet vacation

You can go with your husband or any other relative or friend who is close enough to understand you and your feelings.

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