5 Exotic Fruits to Try

5 Exotic Fruits to Try

You must have tried all kinds of fruits. But, have you ever tried exotic fruits? If your answer is ‘no’, then take a look at some exotic fruits that are enriched with nutrition and goodness. Listed below are some exotic fruits that you must try.

1. Dragon fruit

This fruit looks like a pineapple from the exterior. The fruit has a red tasting pulp in the center. It is rich in fiber and can be used in desserts as well. People use this fruit for making jams and cocktails. There is so much one can do with this exotic fruit. Dragon fruit originated from South America.

2. Paw paw fruit

Do not go by the name, the fruit is rich in essential minerals and nutrients. Paw paw fruit is rich in amino acids and vitamin B complex. It has anti cancer properties, which helps to prevents cancer. It is also rich in other minerals like vitamin A and C. It is available in the Middle Eastern countries. Do try this exotic fruit for its wholesome goodness.

3. Purple Kohlrabi

The fruit looks strange in appearance but it is rich in all the important vitamins as required by the body. Purple Kohlrabi is rich in natural source of vitamin K, A and C. It helps to maintain a younger looking skin. It also prevents digestion problems. You can consume it as a fruit or include it in any meal form. It is a rare but excellent exotic fruit to try.

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