9 Tips for Keeping Your Asthma in Check

9 Tips for Keeping Your Asthma in Check

Asthma is a respiratory disorder that one can suffer at any age or stage in life. It is a dangerous, or rather frightening thing to experience; hence it is advised to take proper measures to prevent such disorders and their attacks. However, one must know and understand that it is not the end of the world when one is suffering from this painful disorder. It’s easy to lead a normal life, even with asthma, if you just take care of a few things here and there.

1. Invest in a dehumidifier

Increase in humidity attracts dust, pollens and other irritants in the house. By installing dehumidifiers in the house, you can decrease the humidity levels considerably, which will lessen the dust particles in the whole space. The dehumidifiers will also keep the house dry by not allowing the moist air to flow inside. Eventually, this means that there is one trigger less for your attacks.

2. Get your flu shot

It is very important for everyone to take flu shots to prevent such disorders. This shot helps in avoiding any kind of respiratory problems and infections, including asthma. This vaccination helps your lungs to be stronger. If possible, one should take these flu shots each year. Moreover, to avoid any kind of infection during asthma, keep your hands clean and wash them frequently, so that you don’t attract triggers on your own.

3. Keep medicines in place

This is the most basic thing you need to do when you are a patient of asthma. Keep your medicines at places that are easy to reach. During asthma attacks, it becomes tedious to travel around the house in search of your medicines. You become vulnerable in such situations, which can result in severe attacks; so keep the medicines handy all the time. Moreover, while you are traveling, keep your medicines at the most convenient place from where you can locate them without any trouble.

4. Do not avoid constant symptoms

The signs of asthma are not very surprising. The initial symptoms are coughing and pain in the chest, which you may often confuse with viral infections. If you ignore these symptoms, then situations can get worse and some people even die of the attacks. If you are constantly experiencing breathing problems and coughing rigorously, then it is best advised to consult the doctor immediately. It is always better to be safe than sorry. And in case you are already suffering from asthma, make sure you get check-ups done regularly, especially when you see symptoms getting worse.

5. Avoid/quit smoking

Smoking cigarettes is injurious to health. And smoking when you are an asthmatic patient worsens the situation even more. The smoke of tobacco can trigger an asthma attack, as it restricts the lungs to breathe normally. Even passive smoking is injurious to people who are suffering from this disease. Hence, it is best advised to avoid smoking during such chronic ailments.

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