10 Funny Ways To Become A Celebrity

10 Funny Ways To Become A Celebrity

I don’t know about you, but I spend more than half of my time dreaming of turning into a Hollywood celebrity. Ever since I learnt how to walk, I kept practicing for my first Red Carpet walk. After all, who wouldn’t want to become a star? So what if you don’t have the Marilyn Monroe style or the Audrey Hepburn elegance? It doesn’t matter if you have neither the looks nor the brains, or if you’re just a wannabe dying to be in the limelight. I’ll show you how you can transform from a nobody into a famous celebrity in no time. Keep reading amigo.

1. Commit all possible fashion faux pas’

Turn up in bright and loud colors, like shocking pink, neon green, animal prints and so on. Paint your face and wear antennas on your head. In short, wear everything that fashion magazines told you not to wear. You can take women like Ke$ha and Katy Perry as role models. It always works. Take for example, tacky and gaudy Lady Gaga and simple and sweet Lily Allen. Who do you think is more popular? Enough said!

2. Act dumb

The trick is that if you cannot be tagged as the smartest of them all, why not the dumbest? At least, you’ll feature on the list of the dumbest celebrities ever. You can prove your stupidity time and again by making dumb statements in public, making grammatical errors on your blog, making a fool of yourself in front of others and suing people for stupid reasons. Take Paris for instance. Don’t ask me how many people love her, but what the hell, she’s at least a celebrity. Your toughest competitions are Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian.

3. Act like a bitch

Pass rude statements to the kids at an orphanage or turn up at the Red Carpet event wearing fur. You can also try frowning for pictures, breaking your boyfriend’s heart in public, screaming at and slapping your juniors or take up a role in a movie as the bitch. The next thing is you’ll be in the news with your pictures posted all over. Keep reminding people that you are a bitch again and again. So what if they can’t love you, at least you’ll be on their hate list. You’ll be famous! Your role models can be Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton obviously.

4. Go under the knife

Hollywood celebs and cosmetic surgery go side by side. The more surgeries you do, the more you’ll be in the news. Point number one is, the more plastic surgeries you do, the more you’ll get rid of your ugliness. Point number two is, media will print your ‘before and after pictures’ in the newspapers and magazines to prove what a fake you are. Let them do their job baby. They’re the losers, the spotlight is on you! The surgery obsessed Heidi Montag, who has got 10 surgeries done, can be your greatest inspiration.

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