6 Important Things Your Child Must Know During an Emergency

Important Things Your Child Must Know During an Emergency

An emergency could be anything. Your child could get lost, he/she may fall off his bicycle, or he/she may get trapped in school premises during a natural disaster. There are certain things that your child must necessarily know during such times so he/she can remain safe. We have discussed the most important things that your child must know during an emergency.

1. Home Address and Phone Number

Make sure that as soon as your child learns to speak and remember things, you teach him/her your name, your house address and your home and cell phone number. If at all your kid gets lost and is asked by cops or a helpful stranger, your kid can identify himself/herself and give some information.

2. Route to Home

It is best to let your child lead you back home occasionally from places. When you go to a local supermarket or a nearby park, you can make your child learn the route. In general, try to develop good navigational skills in your kid. He/She must be able to come home from known nearby places on his/her own.

3. Using Phones

Just knowing your number may not help your child seek help. He/She must know how to use a cell phone too. If at all you and your child are alone at home, and you somehow get injured, your child must know how to call for help. Knowing to call 911 on your cellphone is really a crucial thing to know for your child.

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