6 Things to Know about a Pisces Man

6 Things to Know about a Pisces Man

The Pisces is the last of the sun signs and is represented by two fishes. People who were born between February 19 and March 20 come under this sun sign. You are never to be bored or wanting when you are with a Pisces man as he is the catch, metaphorically speaking. He comes loaded with all the good traits of the other sun signs. If you are seriously considering dating a Pisces man, here are some things you should know about him.

1. Emotional

His emotions are what define him the best. By being emotional, it does not mean he is a cry baby, but he is so attuned to his own inner self and also that of others. He can read you so well that at times he would say what you were thinking almost telepathically. He would stay connected to you at some emotional level even when you are not spending time together. He is the right person to talk about your feelings with.

2. Dreamer

He is a dreamer and constantly escapes to his own world of fantasy, illusions and dreams as a means to get away from the daily concerns that bother him. This can be a little problem if you want him to concentrate on the daily rigors of life. His dreamy nature and his unworldly attitude may seem to make him look very mysterious and unapproachable but he is everything except that. He is also not someone who will give away his confidences lightly.

3. Very fluid

Like the fish, he moves with the current and does not try to swim in the opposite direction. Sometimes he is so fluid that he lets himself carried away. It is mostly his emotions that carry him away. His calm exterior belies a deep sensitive soul who is very creative and excitable.

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