7 Diet Tips for Periods

7 Diet Tips for Periods

Periods are not particularly an easy time for any woman. Those days are painful, leave you feeling irritable and physically and mentally disturbed to say the least. However, there are some tips you can follow especially when it comes to diet to help ease out on PMS troubles. Here are some diet tips for periods.

1. Have leafy greens

Research has proved that leafy greens are good for health round the year and a lot more during menstruation. Leafy greens are rich in B vitamins and iron. They are also fiber rich and therefore help your digestion problems during periods. Therefore, including Swiss chard, kale or spinach in your diet is the right decision to make.

2. Focus on complex carbohydrates

Complex carbs are healthy when you are menstruating. Whole grains and fresh fruits are not just fibrous and healthy but also bring down water retention by the body. They fill your stomach but do not make you feel bloated.

3. Embrace magnesium rich foods

During the initial days of periods, it is common for women to be emotionally sensitive and experience mental turbulence. Magnesium rich foods and the ones with omega 3 fatty acids are especially beneficial during these days. These include chow, salmon, sardines and walnuts. They help you maintain your cool and bring down sensitivity considerably.

4. Have vitamin c and potassium-rich foods

To bring down the symptoms of PMS, indulging in foods like citrus, Brussels sprouts and green peppers is a great idea. Similarly, potassium rich foods like cranberries, bananas and other such fruits prevent bloating.

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